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  • New Year’s Holiday

    We are open until 31st December. Then we will be closed… ・1st January ・2nd January Have a Happy New Year [...]

  • Izakaya Kazu is CLOSED again…

    Dear Customers, We are afraid to announce but from Fri 25 Nov, Izakaya Kazu will be closed until further notic [...]

  • Izakaya Kazu is back!!

    Dear Customers, Good news for everybody. Izakaya Kazu is back to its business as usual. Come to us feel free t [...]

The most often visited of all the Japanese restaurants in Wellington, from the carefully selected Japanese sakeand the chef’s own sushi,to the traditional kamameshi and houba hot-pots, Kazu is a restaurant where everything is done with the customers at heart, right down to the ‘irasshaimase’ (welcome) when you enter.

Like the hidden watering hole that where you meet all sorts of interesting characters, Kazu Yakitori & Sake Bar is a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life, while being right in the center of town. Come for drinks and a show, with carefully selected Japanese Sake, beers and select New Zealand wine, while you watch a Yakitori master cook all your food right in front of you. With outside balcony and inside styled aftertraditional Japanese Izakaya bars, there is an atmosphere that anyone can enjoy.

WASABI Sushi, the place where anyone can go to enjoy good sushi. With traditionally trained sushi chefs, original ideas and friendly service, we are pulling all the stops for the customers. For those who want to enjoy our popular WASABI Sushi at home or the office, our new online store Cyber Wasabi is the place for you. From work functions and lunches to home parties and barbeques, we can cater to everyone.